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What is Marketing Automation?

If you want to grow your business successfully, you need a good marketing strategy. But a good marketing strategy can be time-consuming. That’s where marketing automation comes in to save the day, taking your busy work and giving you more time for strategy and growth!

But with so many tools out there, how do you choose a platform that will help accomplish your goals? Thankfully, we’ve been around the block and are here to share our knowledge about our favorite marketing automation platforms. Let’s start by comparing a few of the top options.

Learn more about what marketing automation is and why you need it.


HubSpot is a diverse and user-friendly platform with reporting, tracking, and scheduling tools that make managing your marketing campaigns easy and efficient.

With its all-in-one software, HubSpot helps manage your workflows so you can keep reaching new leads and existing customers with half the work.  When you onboard with HubSpot, they walk you through your marketing efforts to ensure you’re on track to reach your goals,  because much like Soulheart, HubSpot wants you to succeed.

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HubSpot marketing automation software eases your workload with:

    • Lead nurturing and email automation – Automating your email campaigns helps you move new leads down the funnel faster so you can find qualified leads that turn into business. HubSpot helps you create “beautiful emails without ever touching a line of code,” all while selecting triggers for the emails to be sent to the right people at the right time. 
    • Conversion tracking – By tracking data from email links and advertisement click-throughs, general website traffic, and more, HubSpot’s ad management and analytic tools ensure that you know what marketing strategies are contributing to your sales. 
    • Customizing workflows – Visualizing and personalizing workflows simplifies and streamlines your marketing campaigns. In HubSpot, emails can be personalized to the recipient based on the specific data your organization collects from each lead.
    • HubSpot offers much more including CRM, landing page building, and social media management. They even offer valuable education tools like HubSpot Academy to help you develop your marketing skills.  

No matter the industry, HubSpot is a valuable tool for anyone who chooses its platform. They offer solutions to make nearly every part of digital marketing easier, faster, and better. Soulheart is a HubSpot Solutions Partner, and we encourage our clients to use HubSpot because of the universal value they provide. 

Learn more about why Soulheart loves HubSpot.


Omnisend is another awesome marketing automation platform that focuses on notification automation. That includes email campaigns, SMS, and web pop-ups. Their goal is to streamline and centralize communication between your team and your customers.

Omnisend accomplishes this by:

  • Improving your targeting
  • Helping you stay relevant and consistent 


With a focus on consumer relationships and experience, ActiveCampaign is a complex and diverse marketing automation platform. Data pulled from emails, social media, digital advertising, and your website is used to personalize your campaign messages and create a strong customer experience.

Their marketing automation platform offers:

  • Site and goal tracking
  • Signup forms and lead scoring
  • Advanced reporting
  • Migration services
  • Notification emails


AutoPilot is a well-known marketing automation platform with the goal of simplifying your customers’ journey.

They emphasize the personalization of messages across all your marketing channels. AutoPilot seeks to get the right message to the right audience by unifying customer, transactional, and behavioral data across:

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Forms and popups


Marketo is an Adobe product designed to engage buyers throughout their journey. The idea is to not only send your message out to the right people but to get responses and feedback to convert prospects into customers.

A few of their marketing automation focuses are:

  • Converting prospects 
  • Growing relationships
  • Measuring and optimizing market programs
  • Focusing sales on the “hottest” prospects

And the winner is… HubSpot

At Soulheart, we partner with HubSpot for several reasons. HubSpot makes it easy to get personalized help from our HubSpot consultant and it frees up our time to brainstorm and keep growing our business. 

 If you’ve been feeling the weight of all that’s needed to run a marketing strategy, there’s good news: there are many effective, powerful automation platforms out there! As you evaluate what each platform has to offer, compare them with your organizational needs. Then you’ll be on the right path to less work and more growth for your business.

As a HubSpot Agency Partner, Soulheart is well-equipped to help you achieve the marketing success you are looking for. Our team of experts can help you onboard with HubSpot, set up and maintain ad campaigns, create landing pages that convert users, and more! 

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Picture of Victoria Weisz

Victoria Weisz

Victoria is a senior at Colorado Christian University studying Strategic Communication and Public Relations. She is on the Content team at Soulheart and loves storytelling of all forms, especially books, movies, and TV shows. Although she is a Colorado native, she has never been skiing or snowboarding.
Picture of Victoria Weisz
Post by

Victoria Weisz

Victoria is a senior at Colorado Christian University studying Strategic Communication and Public Relations. She is on the Content team at Soulheart and loves storytelling of all forms, especially books, movies, and TV shows. Although she is a Colorado native, she has never been skiing or snowboarding.

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