We Are Soulheart.

Soulheart exists to relentlessly problem-solve, inspire, and drive extraordinary results so brands can make a positive impact on the world.

The Soulheart Vision

We believe in our clients’ missions to make the world a better place. We also believe that in our digital age, every company and organization needs a solid digital marketing strategy to see results.

Soulheart’s premier digital marketing services take the guesswork and frustration out of marketing for nonprofits and for-profits alike. We use top-tier tools like HubSpot and paid advertising campaigns to help clients see sustainable, long-term growth that furthers their mission. This is the Soulheart vision — to help impact-driven businesses harness marketing solutions that will skyrocket their growth and leave their mark on the world.

Our Values


We consistently deliver above expectations because we love what we do.


We prize new ideas and creative problem solving to meet the needs of our clientele.


We are open, genuine, and fair across the board with all of our clients.


Meet the Team

Joshua Brown


Voted most likely to text the team at 3 A.M. with a sudden burst of inspiration

Jaeda Webster

Director of Design + Systems

Voted most likely to hike in heels for the Gram

Timothy Jennings, VP of People and Technology

Tim Jennings

VP of People & Technology

Voted most likely to take a half day to go to a MMA fight

Karlyn Tejada Brolsma

VP of Operations

Voted most likely to hire a babysitter for a Starbucks run

Danyle butler

Director of Advertising

Voted most likely to be the life of the party


Madison Lewis

Content Manager

Voted most likely to know everyone at a coffee shop

Walter Lopez


Voted most likely to fix an issue in 5 minutes that would take anyone else 5 days to figure out

Julia Miranda

Advertising Specialist + Project Manager

Voted most likely to meet up with the team in the Colorado mountains on Monday and fly to Hawaii on Tuesday


Content Writer

Voted most likely to seamlessly weave 20 jokes into 1 email

Samantha oldfather

Administrative Manager

Voted most likely to eat french fries before a spin class

and everywhere.

We're ready to help!

Our team delivers effective, proven digital marketing solutions to build long-term results.

quick facts


Average coffees required to be fully sentient


Team members who actually works the hours 9-5


Weeks/year our CEO goes on rogue hunting

what they say


Paul Zalewski

The Soulheart team also went way beyond our expectations to help us through a difficult transition to WordPress Gutenberg. For us, the end result was a brand that resonates with our customers and a site that’s beautiful, functional, and lighting fast.


Mailynne Calvin

Soulheart is a talented, dedicated and driven team who knows their stuff when it comes to digital marketing.


Lara Wilson

Josh and the team at Soulheart helped us overcome some major obstacles that allowed our Y to grow nearly $2 million. We are so grateful for their team and partnership and highly recommend them for anyone looking to grow your brand and generate more revenue.

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