Our Founder

Joshua Brown

Stop chasing your dreams and

start building them.

This was the mantra that led Joshua Brown to create Soulheart and focus his team on making a positive impact in the lives of others. For nearly two decades he has personally helped organizations and leaders build their brands and grow their revenues through the power of marketing. Marketing still matters in 2024 and Soulheart is just getting started.

Joshua Brown has spent nearly two decades serving nonprofits, churches, and small businesses and ultimately created a Digital Marketing Agency that truly makes a positive impact in the lives of others.

After working in cubicle-land for a number of years, Joshua left a stable job at a $100M Nonprofit where he served as Director of Visual Branding in order to launch Soulheart. What started out as a Solopreneur effort to exit the rat race and live life on his own terms, soon turned into a movement around his self-proclaimed mantra: Follow Your Soulheart. Now Joshua serves as the energetic visionary behind everything Soulheart does. From Marketing Strategy to Web Design & Development, to running Facebook Ad Campaigns and building Sales Funnels… everything we do is built off the backbone of Joshua’s determined spirit to help our clients win with their online marketing.

Fast-forward several years and the Soulheart Fam has grown to a 20-person team of employees and contractors. Joshua continues to work with clients on a strategic level to help drive marketing strategy and business growth. Joshua also works with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them stop chasing their dreams and start building them.

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