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Save time, improve SEO and increase traffic to your business.


This service makes sure that your website is listed on up to 89 directory websites, and that your information is correct and ready to be found by your target audience.

More About Search Directory Listing

Search Directory Listing Service from Soulheart

Most business owners never take time to ensure they’re listed on important directory sites, though, let alone to check if their information is correct!


Soulheart is here to help with this often overlooked but incredibly important step. For $250, we will ensure that not only is your website listed on up to 89 directory websites, but that your information is correct and ready to be found by your target audience, too. At the same time, this adds to your site’s authority by creating valuable backlinks to your website.


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Let Soulheart take care of your search directory listing for just $250. You won’t have to worry about whether your customers will find you as they search for the goods and services you provide.

how it works


Complete your purchase of the search directory listing service and submit a form with your business details.


We ensure that all critical business information is not only present but correct on up to 89 relevant directory sites


You can rest easy knowing that your business information is accurate and showing up for your customers.

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