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Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile accounts, formally known as Google My Business (GMB), is the single most important tool for local businesses to stay competitive, but it has to be set up and optimized correctly.


Let Soulheart save you time and frustration by setting up and optimizing your Google Business Profile for you so that you can
get back to what you do best, running your business.

GBP Setup

Ongoing GBP Optimizations

what is A Google Business Profile?

quick guide pdf on Soulheart GMB set up and optimization service

Google Business Profiles (Google My Business) are what Google uses when local searchers are searching for a business. For example, if you tried to find a local coffee shop, you might Google “coffee shops near me.” The first results are tied to a map, and selecting one of the coffee shops on the map would present a quick overview of the company. You’ll see their hours of operation, phone number, a link to their website, customer reviews, and more.


Soulheart will help optimize these results for your business so that you show up when your customers are searching.


Find out more. Download our free quick guide.


Trust The Experts To Find You Leads and New Customers

When it comes to local organic growth, nothing is more important than a Google Business Profile. Let the experts who have been successfully helping local businesses for over eight years do what they do best so you can focus on what you do best… Growing your business!

Initial GBP Setup



Ongoing GBP Optimizations



How it works


After you complete your purchase, you’ll fill out a simple form with the details we need to set up or optimize your account.


We’ll take care of setting up your Google My Business account if you haven’t done so and optimizing it with information for your ideal customers.


You can rest easy knowing that your business information is showing up for local searchers.

A google business profile is essential for

a word from our customers


Paul Zalewski

The Soulheart team also went way beyond our expectations to help us through a difficult transition to WordPress Gutenberg. For us, the end result was a brand that resonates with our customers and a site that’s beautiful, functional, and lighting fast.


Mailynne Calvin

Soulheart is a talented, dedicated and driven team who knows their stuff when it comes to digital marketing.


Lara Wilson

Josh and the team at Soulheart helped us overcome some major obstacles that allowed our Y to grow nearly $2 million. We are so grateful for their team and partnership and highly recommend them for anyone looking to grow your brand and generate more revenue.

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