There Are Over 6K Advertising Agencies, Which One is Right For You?

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You read that right– there are over 6,000 advertising agencies in the US alone, and while that might seem a ~tad~ overwhelming, we’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s not. 

Narrowing down which agency is right for you really comes down to alignment in a few simple things: 

  • Vision 👓
  • Goals 🎯
  • Culture 🤝
  • Availability 🗓
  • Budget 💵

Let’s be honest, a lot of people in the digital advertising world are in it for all the wrong reasons, (aka chasing the Benjamins instead of the impact!). That’s why finding which agency is right for you and your business is crucial, starting with how they fit with your vision, goals and culture. 


Culture 🤝

Is finding an advertising agency that aligns with your business’s vision, goals and culture really that important? The answer is an absolute yes from us. In any good relationship, whether personal or professional, having the same values provides peace of mind that you’re going in the same direction and starting from the same foundation. Plus, it’s always more fun to work with an agency that just gets you and your team culture.

Goals 🎯

You have goals for your business, and you need an agency that will understand and honor them! A non-negotiable for an agency is that they understand your goals and help you strategize exactly how to accomplish them.

Pay attention to the agency’s mission statement – it’s a major clue to whether or not they’re a good fit for you. If their statement aligns with your own beliefs, you can feel confident considering them as a marketing partner for your business. You want a team that not only understands you and your mission, but can be your North Star to refer to in all of your marketing efforts and goals. 

Vision 👓

While your mission statement and vision serve as a compass to fulfill your potential, make sure your agency has a clear understanding that your mission statement and vision are different. Your mission statement focuses on today and what you are doing to achieve the promises you made, and your vision focuses on tomorrow and what the overall goal is. 

Making sure you and your chosen agency are on the same page makes for smooth sailing and ultimately, big marketing results.


The other important components of finding the right digital marketing agency is how they fit with your budget and what availability they can offer you.

Budget 💵

When choosing an agency, it’s important to know your realistic marketing budget and what services are absolute musts for you. Your resources are precious and you want to get the best bang for your buck. You don’t want to be paying extra for something that you could do just as well if you kept it in house.

Look at the agency’s pricing models and what services you get at each level. You could ask about promo deals and service add-ons as well for a more tailored service package. Don’t forget to do your research on what their past clients say about their services. You don’t want to waste thousands of dollars on an agency with a bad track record who won’t deliver what you need. You might not 

Availability 🗓

Okay, maybe you don’t need your agency’s rep on speed dial, but you definitely need the confidence that they’ll be around when you need them. Your agency should have the capacity to advance your vision and personalize your experience. How many hours a week or what kind of help will they offer you? Can you get a hold of their rep when you need them? You’re busy running your business, and you need a marketing agency that respects your time. 


Soulheart may be one of many marketing agencies on your list of options, but we bring value that not many agencies have.

We believe in prioritizing our clients’ goals, heart and soul, which is reflected in our company name: Soulheart. We care about your vision just as much as you do and love working alongside you to bring it to life. We’re an impact-driven agency because we get the job done while being your biggest cheerleader as you pursue the impact you want to make.

Combining the golden trio of innovation, integrity and passion, Soulheart breaks barriers and sets new records for our clients. We exist for impact, more specifically making a positive one in the lives of others.

Soulheart specializes in HubSpot solutions, which means we work with software and strategies  that are on the cutting edge of inbound marketing. Our portfolio and case studies are evidence we keep our promises.

If you feel like Soulheart could be your North Star, let us be your guide!

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Picture of Kirsten Cavnar

Kirsten Cavnar

A lifelong storyteller, Kirsten joined the Content team at Soulheart to communicate others' visions and bring them to life. Like a true Colorado gal, she enjoys being outdoors with her daughter and leaving things better than she found them.
Picture of Kirsten Cavnar
Post by

Kirsten Cavnar

A lifelong storyteller, Kirsten joined the Content team at Soulheart to communicate others' visions and bring them to life. Like a true Colorado gal, she enjoys being outdoors with her daughter and leaving things better than she found them.

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