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How can I increase YouTube video views? You can increase views on your YouTube videos by organizing your videos into playlists, creating multiple YouTube channels and connecting them, investing in YouTube shorts, and utilizing YouTube video chapters. Shorter video content typically gets more views, but so can long-form video content that’s made for niche audiences and/or has high-production quality. If you want to learn how to increase your YouTube video views, read our analysis of 8 famous YouTube channels because we break down how 8 of the top YouTube creators found their success!

When it comes to increasing your YouTube video views, you’ll see a lot of the same advice on the internet (make eye-catching thumbnails, use attention-grabbing titles, optimize descriptions and tags, etc.). While that advice is great, we want to dive deeper and give you the nitty-gritty details of what racks up views on YouTube. What better way to do that than by analyzing different strategies from a variety of famous YouTubers?

We’re going to check out 8 famous, but very different, YouTubers and break down all the ways they make their channels successful. If you’re a business or organization, regardless of how small, don’t be intimidated. There’s a lot you can learn from these video content creators. Let’s get started!

Good Good: Perfecting Long-Form Video

1.3 million subscribers

Good Good is a golf channel, featuring 6 content creators. The channel currently has over 400 videos and their most popular video has over 7 million views. Good Good creates almost all long-form videos, typically 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. But there are also much longer videos; their most popular video is 3 hours long.

This is astonishing considering the current average attention span. According to Gloria Mark, an attention researcher at UCI, “We started studying attention span length over 20 years ago. We would shadow people with a stopwatch, and every time they shifted attention, we’d click, ‘Stop.’ In 2003, we found that attention spans averaged about two and a half minutes on any screen before people switched. In the last five, six years, they’re averaging 47 seconds on a screen.”

Research also shows that viewers only watch 18.2 seconds of a Facebook video on average. TechSmith found that with instructional videos in particular, “most viewers preferred their instructional video length between 3-4 minutes and 5-6 minutes long.”

So, how are Good Good’s long videos getting this many views? It doesn’t take a researcher to know that golf enthusiasts are going to enjoy watching long videos about their favorite sport, even for hours at a time.

This tells us that even though a general audience is typically looking for short videos, a niche audience is looking for long-form content about topics they’re really interested in. It’s safe to conclude that if all your videos are about a specific subject and aimed at a niche audience, there’s no rule to follow in terms of how long or short they should be. We recommend experimenting with video length to see what your audience likes the most!

Mr. Beast: High-Quality Content Anyone Would Watch

204 million subscribers

Mr. Beast is currently one of the most famous YouTubers. He has 706 videos on his channel, the most popular one with over 520 million views. His channel is the opposite of Good Good’s in a sense; it’s to a general, not niche, audience. His goal is to get as many viewers and subscribers as possible and because of that, his approach to content creation is different than Good Good’s.

Mr. Beast’s videos are around 15 minutes long and the subjects are meant to appeal to a wide audience. His video topics range from re-enacting the Korean drama hit Squid Game in real life, spending 50 hours buried alive, and eating ice cream valued at $100,000. These are all content ideas that, generally speaking, most people would find entertaining.

A screenshot of Mr. Beast's video reenacting the Squid Game representing Soulheart's blog titled Increase YouTube Video Views - Insights From 8 Creators.
A screenshot of Mr. Beast's video of him being buried alive representing Soulheart's blog titled Increase YouTube Video Views - Insights From 8 Creators.
A screenshot of Mr. Beast's video where he eats ice cream worth $100K representing Soulheart's blog titled Increase YouTube Video Views - Insights From 8 Creators.

Therefore, it makes sense why Mr. Beast is keeping them on the shorter side. We can assume he can get away with videos longer than 10 minutes because 1. his fame already draws people in and 2. his videos have extremely high production value.

Currently, Mr. Beast doesn’t have a lot of YouTube shorts on his channel. If these shorts get more eyeballs on his channel, he’ll presumably pump out more consistently. If he finds that his videos perform better, he’ll likely stick with those.

Although most businesses and organizations are going to lean towards Good Good’s niche content approach, they can still learn one important lesson from Mr. Beast regarding how to rack up tons of views and subscribers — the higher the quality, the more eyeballs and willingness to watch longer content.

Dude Perfect: Utilizing Playlists

59.8 million subscribers

Dude Perfect is a combination of a sporty version of Mr. Beast’s content plus comedy sketches. The channel consists of 5 content creators, and it currently has 400 videos. Their videos are around 10 – 20 minutes long with titles like, “Angry Birds in Real Life,” “$50,000 Crystal Treasure Hunt,” and, “We Made a REAL Plasma Blaster.” This seems to prove our theory that very high-quality videos can get away with longer times.

Something to note about their channel is their use of playlists. They have video playlists dedicated to their trick shots (their most viewed videos), collaborations with athletes and celebrities, and comedy sketches on stereotypes (a specialty of theirs that often goes viral).

A screenshot of playlists from Dude Perfect's YouTube channel representing Soulheart's blog titled Increase YouTube Video Views - Insights From 8 Creators.

The benefits of YouTube playlists include:

  • Increased views
  • Increased watch time
  • Increased search engine results

We all know that playlists make it easier to binge video content, so these benefits shouldn’t come as a surprise. Learn from Dude Perfect and start organizing your videos into playlists!

The Ramsey Show Highlights: All the Channels

2.78 million subscribers.

If you’ve ever met someone who’s passionate about how they become debt-free, you were likely talking to a Dave Ramsey fan. Ramsey is an American financial consultant, famous for helping millions of people get out and stay out of debt. His website, Ramsey Solutions, links to his main YouTube channel called “The Ramsey Show Highlights.”

The channel has a whopping 7K+ videos and his most popular video currently has almost 6 million views. Most of the videos are around 8 – 9 minutes long. The channel’s title summarizes its content: interesting, short clips from episodes of The Ramsey Show which are typically around 2 hours.

Ramsey Solutions uses a YouTube strategy that gets more eyes on its content: multiple YouTube channels. They have a channel for “The Ramsey Show,” famous team members like George Kamel, John Deloney, and Rachel Cruz, and their other ventures like EntreLeadership and Smart Money Happy Hour. They’re able to curate videos for different members of their audience looking for different content from them, like fans of The Ramsey Show who want to watch entire episodes and those who maybe haven’t discovered Dave Ramsey yet, but are willing to watch shorter, highlight videos.

A screenshot of different YouTube channels connected through Dave Ramsey's channel representing Soulheart's blog titled Increase YouTube Video Views - Insights From 8 Creators.

Their other channels are successful as well. John Deloney’s channel has over 200K subscribers, “The Ramsey Show” has over 300K, and Rachel Cruz has over 330K. If your business or organization isn’t struggling with what kind of content to produce but how to organize all of it, consider opening up different channels that connect to one main channel.

George Kamel: the Magic of Good Editing and Scripts

102K subscribers

When we think of personal finance, we typically imagine a snooze fest with boring numbers and vocabulary that makes us feel dumb. Businesses and organizations who feel their industry is “too boring” to create content for can learn a lot from George Kamel.

Kamel is one of the team members of Ramsey Solutions who has his own YouTube channel. He currently has 182 videos and his most popular one has 687K views. The videos are typically 10 – 15 minutes long. Instead of just talking about what’s on his channel, let’s take a dive into his individual videos.

Kamel’s videos are not what the average person imagines when they think of personal finance content. They have fast-paced editing, eye-catching text, and nice background music, all locking in your attention. They’re witty and relevant, laced with jokes, humorous photos, and pop-culture references similar to the style of SNL’s Weekend Update. They use language anyone can understand, and they’re scripted which makes them flow faster (no painful “ums” and pauses).

Our advice is to not rip off Kamel’s style but to learn and be inspired by it. No matter what your industry is, you can create video content that’s exciting to watch for interested audiences. Kamel may not have a million subscribers, but his content is being watched constantly by his fans, so keep that in mind. You don’t have to make videos everyone wants to watch. Just videos that some people watch consistently.

Alex Hormozi: Giving the People What They Want

1.68 million subscribers

Alex Hormozi is a self-made millionaire, dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs how to get rich. He currently has 1.6K videos and his most popular video has 2.8 million views. His videos range from around 10 minutes to an hour.

Hormozi’s content is the type you’d see on your social media feed from a friend with the caption, “This guy’s legit.” He’s known for being extremely blunt and giving straightforward, “no frills” business advice. He’s transparent about what works and what doesn’t and because of that, his audience trusts him.

This tells us something important. In a world where it’s becoming harder to discern if a YouTuber praising a product or strategy has a hidden agenda, more people are searching for video content that seems to be coming from an honest place. What we can also learn is that people are looking for tangible advice. It’s frustrating to search for specific answers and sit through an entire video that talks in generalities. Hormozi is a breath of fresh air for many viewers who are tired of the vague and looking for the practical.

Some businesses and organizations are afraid of being too specific in their videos, desiring to keep their “trade secrets.” But let’s be real — nothing is a secret anymore in today’s world. Your audience will be able to tell if you’re being overly general in your videos or if your content is just fluff. They want to actually learn something from your channel, so tell them what you would want to know if you were in their shoes.

Grant Cardone: Shorts, Shorts, Shorts

2.47 million subscribers

Grant Cardone is a multi-millionaire, CEO of 7 different companies, and author of 13 business programs. His content is about becoming extremely successful and acquiring serious wealth, which is why much of his content is interviews with famous businessmen, politicians, athletes, and even pop stars.

He has 5.8K videos and his most popular one has 10 million views. But before you start saying, “I can never make video content like that!” we’re going to focus on one of his YouTube strategies you can emulate: YouTube shorts.

In 2013, Vine (RIP) made extremely short-form video content famous. The platform tragically dissolved in 2017, but a year later, TikTok was introduced to the world (the jury’s out on whether that’s a tragedy itself). Regardless, super short videos are here to stay, so it’s not surprising YouTube jumped on the trend and added the ability to feature short-form video content.

Yes, viewers may be willing to watch 10-minute videos if they really like the content, but data on attention spans and video metrics show that audiences generally like really short video content. Think about it this way: some people want to watch longer videos about subjects they like, but almost everyone is willing to watch a 30-second video on basically anything. 30-second videos aren’t asking for much of an investment, so audiences are willing to check them out because they aren’t risking wasting their time. After all, time is precious when there’s so much possible content to consume online.

Cardone’s YouTube shorts often feature celebrities who you probably don’t have access to. But businesses and organizations can still learn a lot from them. The shorts utilize a quick editing pace, exciting background music, attention-grabbing text, and “mic drop” statements. All over YouTube, the remarks made and thoughts shared in shorts range from hot takes to specific and helpful advice. But they still often follow the same style of editing, music, and text.

A screenshot of Grant Cardone's YouTube shorts representing Soulheart's blog titled Increase YouTube Video Views - Insights From 8 Creators.

Investing in YouTube shorts on your channel alongside your longer video content will get you more views. Your longer video content will appeal to audiences specifically looking for the subjects you’re covering, while your shorts will attract new audiences who haven’t discovered you yet but may be curious enough to watch a 10-second video.

Craig Groeschel: Chapters Are Your Friend

201K subscribers

Craig Groeschel is the senior pastor of Life.Church, the second largest megachurch in America. His channel has 187 videos and his most popular one has nearly 745k views. His content is mostly interviews with Christian influencers and leaders, similar to a podcast. His channel utilizes many of the strategies we’ve already discussed — lots of playlists, different channels connected to his, content niche audiences are interested in, etc.

If you’ve heard the facts about attention spans and average watch times but still want to focus on long-form content, you can learn something from Groeschel. His videos range from 20 minutes to an hour, but they include a new, popular tactic we highly recommend: chapters.

When viewers watch Groeshel’s videos, they’ll notice the faded gray line that indicates where they are in the video is separated into sections with timestamps, explaining what different parts of the video are covering. These are called “chapters,” and you can also see them at the bottom of a YouTube description.

A screenshot of Craig Groeschel's video featuring time stamps.
A screenshot showing chapters of a YouTube video.

Chapters allow you to create videos that are as long as you want and STILL capture viewers who don’t want to watch all of it. Remember, you’re still risking not getting those viewers to click on your video at all when they see how long it is. But with chapters becoming more popular, more viewers are beginning to click on videos and see if it has chapters, and if it does, scroll to a part that interests them most.

Because of this strategy, Groechel appeals to both audiences who want to watch his entire videos and viewers who would just prefer to watch a section which leads to an increase in YouTube video views. Let’s not forget, that many of his viewers who only want to watch a small section may end up watching the entire video if they like several sections (which is great for YouTube’s algorithm). Whether they watch the entire video or parts of it, his content still racks views. Take a page from his book and start using chapters (literary pun intended).

Work With Soulheart for YouTube Strategy To Increase YouTube Video Views

We know YouTube strategy can be time-consuming, especially if you’re already a busy organization or company. But video content creation has become a crucial part of effective digital marketing. That’s where Soulheart comes in.

Soulheart can provide YouTube strategy consultation and services like optimizing your videos for YouTube’s search engine, designing captivating video thumbnails, and assisting with video scripts. We can provide research on trending keywords in your industry and ensure you’re creating video content that puts your business or organization on the map. Contact our team today and start making YouTube work for YOU!

Increasing YouTube Video Views FAQs

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Picture of Claudia Macdonald
Post by

Claudia Macdonald

Claudia is a content writing specialist at Soulheart. After graduating from Arizona State University, she started her career in copywriting and content production. She’s written for and managed content departments of digital marketing and creative agencies, specifically in the nonprofit sector for many years. She enjoys using her copywriting skills to help meet marketing goals. Besides her passion for writing, Claudia loves Jesus, people, and stories.

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