Facebook Ads Tips to Gain Traffic and Convert Leads

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Are you on the hunt for helpful Facebook ads tips? If you’re running Facebook ads for your business or nonprofit organization (or at least considering it), you’re in good company. Millions of organizations use Facebook to increase awareness, drive traffic and collect leads. For good reason! Facebook ads can be a cost effective and powerful part of your inbound marketing strategy.

Although it is relatively easy to start running Facebook ads, finding success and results with your campaigns can be tougher. 

At Soulheart, one of our core services includes creating and managing Facebook ads campaigns for our clients. To let you in on some of our secrets, we’ve pulled together our top Facebook ads tips and ideas for gaining traffic and converting leads.

Why should I be using Facebook ads to market my business?

With over 3 billion active users from all over the globe, it’s not a stretch to say that your ideal customers are on Facebook… somewhere. Facebook users vary widely in age, occupation, interests and behavior, and Facebook’s algorithms have gotten very good at targeting users and serving up the right ads content at the right time. This kind of access, combined with your organization’s unique offering and message can be a powerful combination to reach the ideal new leads for your business. 

According to Statista, “By 2022, advertisers are expected to spend over 56 billion dollars on promoting their products on social networks.” 

To break out some classic playground arguments, why should you be advertising your business on Facebook? Everybody’s doing it! Well, maybe not everyone, but more likely than not, your competitors are there snapping up leads that could be yours. 

Now, before you call Facebook and tell them to take all of your money, let’s talk about Soulheart’s best Facebook advertising tips for increasing traffic and converting leads.

5 Facebook advertising tips to drive traffic to your website

According to Ogilvy, on average, social media users scroll through 300 feet of digital content per day. That’s roughly the size of the Statue of Liberty! The goal of your business’ Facebook ads is to stop that scroll. Grab someone’s attention for long enough to interact with your ad. When you put together your ad content, aim to get  eyes on that headline, video, or image, and clicks on that CTA button. It’s a crowded space, but not an impossible task.

At Soulheart, we’ve found that focusing on these 5 areas lead to Facebook ads success:

1. Know your target audience

Finding the people who are most likely to respond to your marketing message is more than half the battle. If you have an idea ahead of time of the demographics, interests and behaviors of your ideal customer, this will reduce the amount of time and money needed to see results on your Facebook ads campaigns.

2. Work to gain and keep attention

Even if you find the most beautiful and on-brand image you can, it doesn’t do you any good if people scroll right past it. You need to keep their attention with engaging content and a clear amazing offer in your ads.

3. Be prepared to spend on testing

It takes testing to find the best combination of copy and design that gets attention that leads to action. Especially if you are just starting, it will take time and financial investment to find what works for your organization’s offers. Never assume that an idea will fly, always test and see.

4. Choose the correct ad type for your goals

What Facebook does with your ad will depend on the ad type you choose. Make sure you select one that fits your campaign goals. Looking to increase awareness? Use an Engagement ad. Gathering leads? A Conversion or Lead Generation ad could be a good choice. Promoting your app? Make sure Facebook can track downloads by using an App ad.

5. Keep what’s working, ditch what’s not

When it comes to Facebook ads, you need to consistently monitor your results and optimize your ads and campaigns. Take time to evaluate which ads are getting clicks and conversions, and turn off the least successful ads. 

3 ideas to increase conversions using Facebook ads

One of the most popular ways businesses use Facebook ads is for gathering leads. Facebook ads connect businesses with potential customers one-on-one and then provide an avenue to nurture them with more of your content, which is great inbound marketing!  This method proves all the more valuable if Facebook were ever shut down for a day (like that would ever happen).

Here are three tips to increase lead conversions in your Facebook campaigns:

  1. Offer value in exchange for lead information – If a lead is giving you their contact information, make sure you provide value in return. Give them an instant reward, something that meets a need, solves a problem, or delights.
  2. Try Lead Generation ads and collect lead information right on Facebook – Sometimes requiring leads to click over to a new page can decrease conversion rates. Lead Generation ads can allow a lead to connect with your business without ever having to leave the app.
  3. Cultivate an audience with a series of campaigns – If your offer takes a little more commitment (like a demo or booking a call with your sales team), try using a series of campaigns to warm up your audience, progressively targeting based on ad engagement.

Tools for a successful Facebook advertising campaign

Beyond the Facebook ads campaigns themselves, there are a few other things you need to consider to see results. 

  • Make sure your Facebook pixel and tracking events are set up correctly and firing properly. If the tracking on your campaign is not functioning, Facebook will not be able to deliver your ad most effectively.
  • Create landing pages that are clear and effective. Make sure the message and graphics on the landing page connect with the ad.
  • Consider using marketing software to help you track and follow up with leads. 

There are a lot of moving parts and pieces that go into a successful Facebook Ads campaign, but don’t feel overwhelmed! Just pay attention to the key areas that help get your offering in front of the right people at the right time, and stay open to constant learning.

Getting started with Facebook Ads – we can help!

If you’ve reached the end of this long list of Facebook ads tips and you’re ready to launch ads for your business, we can help! 

Schedule a call with a Soulheart strategist to talk about how our team can support your Facebook ads campaigns with digital advertising services. 

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Emma Schenkel

Emma is the Soulheart Marketing + Content Strategist. She loves helping organizations connect with their audience and communicate effectively. As a lifelong resident of Colorado, the only way she knows which way is West is by finding the mountains. Emma loves reading, playing with her kids, and helping with the youth at her Broomfield, CO church.
Picture of Emma Schenkel
Post by

Emma Schenkel

Emma is the Soulheart Marketing + Content Strategist. She loves helping organizations connect with their audience and communicate effectively. As a lifelong resident of Colorado, the only way she knows which way is West is by finding the mountains. Emma loves reading, playing with her kids, and helping with the youth at her Broomfield, CO church.

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