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In today’s digital world, a massive need for nearly every single business is powerful digital marketing solutions that actually deliver results. But not everybody has the means to execute a solid digital marketing strategy, nor do they want to hire an internal team. This is where a digital marketing agency comes in.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

A digital marketing agency takes the headaches out of all aspects of marketing that frustrate you or slow you down. In fact, the right agency will provide a breath of fresh air by not only filling the gaps you have in your team, but also consistent supporting all the marketing and technology challenges you haven’t faced before. The best agencies in marketing don’t just stop at being task-takers only, though. They also bring a wealth of knowledge and empowerment to their clients. Good digital marketing agencies help businesses do the following:
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Further understand your audience and buyer personas
  • Measure and optimize  your website for performance
  • Build advertising that stops the scroll
  • Drive as much traffic as possible to high-converting landing pages
  • Stay up to date with trends so you don’t have to
At Soulheart, we believe it’s our job to share real-time data and information from the work we do across multiple industries. And as a result, all our clients get to benefit from this knowledge share. Now let’s dive in deeper to each of these areas of what a digital marketing agency does.

A digital marketing agency develops a comprehensive strategy

The world of marketing changes every single day thanks to the rise of new technologies and platforms. Take TikTok, for instance. In March 2020, nearly 28 million people used the app, but less than a year later that number had doubled. And in 2021, TikTok surpassed Google as the most viewed URL online. Massive growth like this represented incredible opportunities for brands to gain market share, attention, and create a steady stream of sales from ads and influencers (Marketing Charts). What does this have to do with marketing strategy? The best digital marketing agencies will help you see early trends and data to include new platform exploration in your strategy and plans. Don’t sleep on the massive amount of shared knowledge that curious marketing professionals have. Digital marketing agencies aren’t just there for you to designate tasks to be completed. If you want to develop the most comprehensive marketing strategy for your company possible, tap into your agency’s knowledge!

A digital marketing agency knows your audience and buyer personas

Digital marketing agencies are innovators, and the best ones should also help you analyze your data collected across tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot or other CRMs, and Facebook Pixels. From here they can help you hone in on your ideal customers to refine or build buyer personas. And as we all know these buyer personas are the keys to understanding who your marketing should be reaching, what objectives they might have, and what will stop their scroll and cause them to buy/promote/share.

Your brand’s audience is so important that Russell Brunson, creator of the massively successful ClickFunnels software, deems your first task in driving traffic to be creating your Dream 100. This is 100 of the most ideal customers or exact people you want to sell your product or service to. And while we agree this exercise is highly fruitful, it’s also one that shouldn’t be done alone if you want your brand to level up. Use the power of a digital marketing agency combined with your team’s own expertise and build a strategy together that lets you win with your audience.

An agency measures and optimizes your website performance

We’ve all seen the ads — save time! and save money! But in marketing, we’re in the business of saving time and MAKING money. Cash is oxygen for a business, and at the end of the day a great marketing agency will help you produce more and more of it.

We know you are a highly competent marketer and your web team is most likely well-researched on building the best website possible. But measuring and optimizing your website performance is best handled by a digital marketing agency. Why? Because these necessary technology optimizations are often time consuming and use parts of the brain that absolutely kill creative momentum.

You need to spend your days creating strategies, managing resources, and empowering your team to build the most creative marketing on the planet. Your focus should be on helping your brand get the right attention with the right people, not on time consuming, distracting optimization tasks.

But with that said, it’s a well-known fact that websites that take longer than 3.1 seconds to load might be losing up to 85% of their sales. That means that while it’s not glamorous, website optimization is essential.

Leave the frustrating back-and-forth optimizations to a digital marketing agency, not because their team is better than yours, but because they’re equipped to handle it. That way, you can be free to work on the campaigns and strategies that scratch the creative itch and keep your entire team productive.

They’ll build advertising that stops the scroll

You’ve heard that marketing agencies who focus only on digital can help you build creative advertising that stops the scroll. But where do people scroll? Social feeds and stories. And while you can definitely build your own advertising, a digital marketing agency that specializes in this can help you amplify your reach. With an agency’s help, you can stay super active in finding the ad types and creatives that actually stop people in their tracks so they interact more with your brand. At minimum, marketing agencies can help be the sounding boards for differing ideas, but let’s face it — your ideas need to be vetted. What sounds great in our head doesn’t always translate well to the real world (case in point). The concept of “stop the scroll” has been around so long that even Twitter Business created 5 data-driven tips for scroll stopping video back in 2017. There’s a reason companies spend so much cash and energy on their social ad strategies. It’s because getting attention = increased traffic = growing sales.

Digital marketing will drive traffic to high-converting landing pages

Continuing our conversation around traffic being what converts users to sales, it’s still dependent on having high-converting landing pages. These landing pages need these elements:

  • a valuable offer
  • incredible copy
  • great design

These high quality landing pages will help lead users down the customer journey to the point of dropping in their information or credit cards to sign up or transact, depending on the offer they engage with.

When it comes to landing pages, a digital marketing agency will help you get the most bang for your marketing bucks. The right agency has a formula for success in this space and is well-versed with Traffic Secrets and all the different strategies from companies like HubSpot, Wordstream, HootSuite, Neil Patel, and Seth Godin. Each of these sites and influencers should help build a consistent foundation for a blueprint structure that a marketing agency can provide to your team. Then you can be confident that you’re maximizing your advertising spend to build campaigns that win.

An agency updates you on the latest trends

It’s easy to keep so many marketing avenues on your plate as a leading marketing professional at your organization. But the reality is that a digital marketing agency is designed to work alongside you, and even in front of you to help your campaigns be massively successful.

Trends are super hard to follow unless you are fully focused every single day directly on marketing. But we all know you have “other duties as assigned” according to that last line in your job description. Meetings, personnel issues, daily interruptions, budget and performance reviews, and more can all keep you semi-distracted.

But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed, because hiring the best digital marketing agency means your time is going to those parts of the job that require your attention. You can rest easy knowing everything else is being handled by your agency.

From trends to brainstorms, to projects and optimizations, a great success metric for a digital marketing agency is if you’re able to fully trust that they’ve got your back and care deeply about your brand.

Give your brand the help it deserves and work alongside an agency to accomplish more with your team and your strategies to guide it all to success.

Find the right digital marketing agency for you

Are you ready to join forces with an expert digital marketing agency who can lighten your load and bring the intel you need to grow? Soulheart is here with a knowledgeable team who cares about seeing you succeed and your business thrive.

Check out what we’ve done for other companies and organizations who have trusted us with their digital marketing needs. Then, schedule a time to talk with a team member! We’re excited to start helping you grow.

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Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown is the visionary leader and founder of Soulheart and Follow Your Soulheart, his mantra to stop chasing your dreams and start building them. After serving a decade in the nonprofit sector, Joshua left a stable job at a $100M organization to create a brand fueled by passion and purpose. Joshua resides in Arizona and spends much of his time with his family on the open road pursuing his desire to build a life with zero regrets and inspiring people to take risks and do the impossible.
Joshua Brown
Post by

Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown is the visionary leader and founder of Soulheart and Follow Your Soulheart, his mantra to stop chasing your dreams and start building them. After serving a decade in the nonprofit sector, Joshua left a stable job at a $100M organization to create a brand fueled by passion and purpose. Joshua resides in Arizona and spends much of his time with his family on the open road pursuing his desire to build a life with zero regrets and inspiring people to take risks and do the impossible.

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