5 Ways to Support Your Staff During the Pandemic

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We’ve heard it many times before…these are “weird times” for everyone!

Do you run your own company? Maybe you’re a mid-level manager? Besides having your own worries, we’re sure you’re thinking about your staff, too. After all, they’re the lifeline of the work you do!

Many teams are working from home or working while “social distancing”. This can make things … weird. Read on for some easy tips to help you ensure the momentum of your team continues.

So, during this pandemic, how can you support your team?

  1.       Communicate
  2.       Create Community
  3.       Recognize
  4.       Offer Resources
  5.       Encourage Self-Care

1.   Communicate

Keep it real…and hopeful.

Your team wants to know what’s going on. Keep in mind that they likely have the same media and news sources that you do. Your staff want to know what’s going on in regards to their workplace. Connect regularly about the financial strength of your organization itself by empathically reassuring yet preparing them for the forecast.

 Make sure to stay up-to-date with them. Allow for “two-way” communication to ensure they feel heard. Additionally, keep in mind there are different communication methods: oral, written and body language. Different people may respond or understand certain methods better than others.

Pro tip: Have scheduled periodic check-ins with your team so they can prepare questions and know that they’re being heard.

2.   Create Community

We’re stronger together.

While working from home or quarantining, it’s likely your team misses seeing each other. Having a sense of community at work can increase purpose and happiness.  How can you get them connected to make sure their camaraderie keeps up?

  1.         You can schedule some “social hours” via electronic sources.
  2.         Group staff together to work on common goals instead of working in “silos”

3.   Recognize

The little stuff counts.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of noise in our lives. Between having children home from work, the never-ending news updates and the external stress of a pandemic, there are a lot of interferences during this time. Now, more than ever, the team needs some incentives. Here are some free or cheap ways of recognizing staff:

Staff meeting shout out – During your next staff meeting, give a communal kudos to the staff member who finishes their task first, for example.

Social media praise – This is a 2-for-1. You can both recognize a staff member and grow your social platform at the same time

Create a challenge – Is your team competitive? Create a fun competition between your staff members with a modest gift card as the prize. Bonus points: put your staff members into teams to compete and form bonds

4.   Offer Resources

Make the connection.

The government, along with many other agencies, is offering supportive resources. You can connect your team with national resources. Keep your ears open for local opportunities for them. Also, consider having a financial advisor accessible to your team. You may even be able to find a financial advisor with a big heart willing to volunteer during this time.

You could consider sending out a weekly email communication to your team with resources available to them. Do you need help with digital communication? Let us help! See the end of the blog for an opportunity to let us help you.

5.   Encourage Self-Care

Strengthening spirit, mind and body.

Check-in with your team to see how they’re doing mentally. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we keep our spirit centered, our mind focused, and our body healthy.

To encourage your team to take care of themselves, you could:

Move – Connect them to virtual fitness classes. Check out your local YMCA’s Facebook, many of them are offering live fitness classes for all different ability levels

Create – Come up with a creativity challenge. Encourage your team to use the supplies they have at home to create or refurbish something

Eat Healthy – Get creative (& healthy) in the kitchen. Everyone is cooking! Why not make it a friendly competition amongst your team? Have them create a healthy meal using what’s on hand. Bonus points if they involve their family members for quality time!

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