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YMCA of Greater Montgomery

YMCA Montgomery is a dynamic association in Alabama that runs community programs to promote healthy living, nurture youth potential, and foster social responsibility.

Fitness is an over-saturated industry full of competitors, which meant we needed to help this YMCA stand out by expertly targeting the right customers.

The Problem

The YMCA Montgomery faced a common problem for businesses in the fitness industry: they needed to stand out among the competition and gain customers.

When the Y enlisted our services, their membership growth was slowing, online engagement was decreasing, and the team was unhappy with their website.

The Y wanted to increase their online presence and reach a different demographic of customers, but didn’t know where to start. There were so many different platforms all vying for their attention.

The Solution

We knew that the Y is an incredible organization that has impacted countless lives. They just needed a new way to share their message.

As a new year began, our goal was simple: Drive potential new members to their website to join the Y online during the month of January.

An organization can have the best product or service imaginable, but if no one knows about it, then they are out of luck. To meet the Y’s needs, we understood that we needed to engage a younger demographic to secure long-term customer loyalty. Then we turned to an extremely effective way to drive customer traffic: creating a sense of urgency with a “Limited time” call-to-action (CTA).

Once we re-defined the Y’s target audience and determined the best online platforms for success, we used our proven process to deliver a winning online membership ad campaign. This campaign drove potential customers to a professional landing page with an enticing CTA.

The results? Not only did existing members renew their contracts, but new customers in our target age category responded to our offer.

The Results

As with most businesses, the Y was significantly impacted by the COVID pandemic in 2020. In-person membership sales fell nearly 50% and organic traffic dropped 40% year over year due to COVID. But, though our online membership ad campaign, improved site architecture, and search optimized content, the Y’s revenue grew by $2M in just 18 months.

We launched a new online membership campaign in January 2021 that resulted in a comeback of 97% growth. This was a 250% increase from the year prior. Not only did we increase sales, but we secured loyal customers for the Y in new age demographics that would contribute to continued growth in the years to come.

The Y has since gone “all-in” with marketing efforts and continues to grow even more.

Link Clicks
Ad Impressions
New Joins
Josh and the team at Soulheart helped us overcome some major obstacles that allowed our Y to grow nearly $2 million. We are so grateful for their team and partnership and highly recommend them for anyone looking to grow your brand and generate more revenue.
Laura Wilson
YMCA Montgomery


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