SEO Tips & Tricks Podcast: ChatGPT Prompts For SEO Part 4

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Unlocking Search Intent: Maximizing Results with ChatGPT Prompts

Hello and welcome back to the Search Engine Optimization Podcast with Tim Jennings, your go-to source for all things SEO! As the Head of SEO at Soulheart for almost a decade, Tim has been the driving force behind countless businesses and nonprofits achieving their goals using organic traffic from search engines like Google. 

Image of a phone with google pulled up used in Soulheart's article about ChatGPT Prompts for SEO and this episode is about search intent.

In the podcast episode “ChatGPT Prompts For SEO Pt. 4,” Tim Jennings explores the benefits of using AI tools like ChatGPT to change the tone of your content. By using AI to improve the tone of your content, you can delight more users and land more conversions.

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Episode Transcript

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks podcast! My name is Tim Jennings and I have been leading the charge in SEO for Soulheart for almost a decade now. In my time at Soulheart I have helped numerous businesses and nonprofits reach new levels in marketing by finding users organically from search engines like Google.

One of my favorite tools when it comes to search engine optimization is ChatGPT. If you are new to planet earth or the internet, ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that uses Natural Language Processing to answer the prompts given to it. Because ChatGPT is a versatile language model, it can be utilized across various domains and applications. Some use case examples are:

  1. Customer Support: ChatGPT can assist in handling customer inquiries, providing product information, troubleshooting common issues, and offering basic support. It can help reduce the workload on customer service representatives and provide timely responses to customer queries.

  2. Personal Assistant: ChatGPT can act as a virtual assistant, managing calendars, setting reminders, answering general questions, and providing recommendations. It can help users with daily tasks, weather updates, travel information, and more.

  3. Language Learning: ChatGPT can be used as an interactive language tutor, engaging in conversations to practice speaking, listening, and writing skills. It can simulate real-life conversations, offer translations, and provide explanations for grammar and vocabulary.

  4. Information Retrieval: ChatGPT can be used as a conversational search engine, helping users find specific information, answer factual questions, and provide explanations on various topics.

While ChatGPT is very versatile, what I want to focus on is how it can be used to find new users and bring them to your website. And that is exactly what I want to do today. Today, I want to give you three ChatGPT prompts that will help you with Search Engine Optimization. So without further ado, lets dive right in!

Tone and Emotions In Marketing

According to Grammarly, “Tone reveals the author’s attitude about a subject or topic to their reader. It can be delivered in different ways, like through word choice, punctuation, and sentence structure

It’s similar to when you’re engaging with someone in person. Your facial expression, vocal pitch, and body language might convey a certain tone that informs the language you use in conversation.

By using the right tone in your writing, your readers can better understand your emotions regarding a topic. It’s a signal to your reader about how your writing should make them feel. Your tone might be delightful or sarcastic, lighthearted or aggressive, among other types of tones, all through your writing.”

When it comes to anything marketing, emotion should always be a top consideration. Weaving emotion into your marketing strategy is a fantastic way to attract, resonate with, and guide a user to making a decision. Studies have shown that videos causing strong emotion have a 2x share rate than those with a weak emotional response. Also, 70% of users seeing an ad that moved them emotionally are highly likely to buy the product, while 30% of those who have an average emotional response said they are likely to buy. So whether you are producing a video, creating ads, or just writing content for a page on your website, using tone and considering emotions is necessary for having content that produces results.

Basic ChatGPT Prompt To Improve Tone

But what prompt can you give ChatGPT to improve the tone of your content and help reach people’s emotions? Because the truth is, whether you are using ChatGPT or some other AI software, your prompt is the most important aspect of your AI generated content. The more detailed you are in your AI prompt, the better output you will receive.

To give ChatGPT a prompt to help with the tone of your content, you must first understand what options it can understand. A few options are: professional, formal, informal, polite, friendly, empathetic, serious, authoritative, and humorous.

So let’s say you are writing content about your new BBQ grill brush. You know that your product is not only better but it is actually safer because your product doesn’t have any brass or steel bristles that can break off and cause serious damage or even death to someone who accidentally ingested a severed bristle.

Well, now you have a major problem, some insight into the emotion you can try to tap into, and the solution to the problem! That is plenty of information to provide ChatGPT with a prompt. I would ask ChatGPT to write content about my bbq grill brush. The brush does not contain any steel bristles that can break off and accidentally get attached to someone’s food. This makes it a much safer product than traditional grill brushes with steel or brass bristles. The tone should be serious because if someone swallows a bristle they can get hurt or die.

By inputting that exact prompt, ChatGPT provided me with this result:

“When it comes to grilling, safety should always be a top priority. That’s why we’re proud to present the SafeGrill BBQ Grill Brush, a revolutionary product designed to provide you with a worry-free grilling experience. Unlike traditional grill brushes that use steel or brass bristles, our brush is meticulously crafted without any steel components that could potentially break off and cause harm.

Safety is paramount, and we understand the risks associated with loose bristles accidentally making their way onto someone’s food. It’s a serious concern that should never be taken lightly. With the SafeGrill BBQ Grill Brush, you can finally bid farewell to that anxiety, knowing that your grilling sessions are now free from this hidden danger.”

As you can see, the tone of the content is very serious. It talks about the dangers of using a traditional grill brush and even plays on the user’s fear emotion in order to guide them down the purchasing journey.

Basic Tone Prompt For ChatGPT: The tone of the content should be [TONE].

Celebrity Tone Options

One of my favorite ways to use AI to improve the tone of my content is to think about a known celebrity or marketer in my industry who would match the intent behind my content.

Keeping with the BBQ Grill Brush example, let’s say that you want to relay the seriousness of an outdated grill brush model but you didn’t want it to come across as serious as the output provided. If your desire is to relay the seriousness of a bad grill brush but you still wanted it to be light-hearted, you could ask ChatGPT to rewrite that but with the tone of Chris Rock.

When you do that, the output you receive is “Alright, listen up, folks! We got something serious to talk about—your grillin’ safety! Ain’t nothin’ more important than keepin’ yourself and your loved ones outta harm’s way. That’s why I’m here to tell you ’bout the SafeGrill BBQ Grill Brush. It’s a game-changer, I’m tellin’ ya!

Now, most grill brushes out there use steel or brass bristles, right? But here’s the deal: those bristles can break off and end up attached to your food! And trust me, that ain’t no joke. Swallowin’ a bristle? That can lead to some serious consequences, folks. We talkin’ hurtin’ someone or even worse—dare I say it—kissin’ the grill goodbye!”

The seriousness of the issue comes across but there is some light-heartedness mixed in too. And I don’t know about you, but I can definitely hear Chris Rock’s voice as I read that! Changing the tone to that content took less than 3 seconds but it made a HUGE difference!

But let’s say you want to tone to be one that has a higher likeliness to land a sale. Well, there’s a celebrity tone for that too! Whether you hate the guy or love him, there is no doubt that Grant Cardone is an incredible sales person. You can ask your AI software to include Grant Cardone’s Tone too. If you did, you would get a result of:

Hey, my friends, listen up! I’ve got a game-changing revelation for you—grillin’ safety at a whole new level. And when it comes to protecting yourself and your crew, we don’t settle for average. That’s why I am thrilled to present the SafeGrill BBQ Grill Brush—the 10x solution that elevates your grillin’ game to unprecedented heights!

Now, most grill brushes out there rely on ordinary steel or brass bristles, but let me tell you, that’s just basic. We’re talkin’ about a whole new league of safety here, a 10x leap forward. With the SafeGrill BBQ Grill Brush, you can leave behind the risks of bristles breakin’ off and ruinin’ your grilling experience. This brush is designed with meticulous precision, leaving no room for compromise.”

No matter who the celebrity or popular marketer is, aligning your content’s tone with one can really help take boring content to the next-level!

Celebrity Tone ChatGPT Prompt: Write this in the tone of [CELEBRITY NAME].

Matching Tone For Something Already Published

Now let’s say you found content online that may be from a competitor or just another website and you really like the tone and style that it was written in. Did you know that you can copy and paste the content into your AI platform and ask it what tone and style it was written in? Once you know that, you can ask ChatGPT or whatever AI tool you are using to rewrite your content to match that style and tone!

To do that you will simply copy the content you found that you like and want to match the tone with and then head over to ChatGPT and enter a prompt like “What tone and style is this:” and then paste the content after the colon in your prompt. And if you wanted to take it a step further, you can paste the content from your article into ChatGPT and ask it to rewrite your content so it has the same tone and style as the content that you found!

Prompt For Finding Out What Type Of Tone Something Is: What tone and style is this [insert content]?

Bonus Prompt: Rewrite this content to have a [TONE/STYLE] tone of voice: [PASTE CONTENT].

More ChatGPT Prompts For SEO

Well, we’ve explored the incredible potential of using ChatGPT prompts to enhance the tone and style of your content. Whether you’re aiming to evoke specific emotions, engage your audience, or align with a particular celebrity or marketer, ChatGPT can be a valuable tool in achieving those objectives. But why stop here? If you’re hungry for more exciting ChatGPT prompts and want to take your SEO game to the next level, we’ve got you covered. Sign up today to receive exclusive resources, expert tips, and cutting-edge insights that are only available to our subscribers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT and revolutionize your content creation process. Join us at and let’s embark on an exhilarating journey together!

Are you ready to unleash the power of tone and style in your content? Look no further! With ChatGPT prompts, you have the ability to tap into a range of emotions, from serious to humorous, authoritative to friendly. By giving precise instructions and asking ChatGPT to generate content with your desired tone, you can create compelling and engaging pieces that resonate with your audience. And guess what? You can find even more ChatGPT prompts for SEO and elevate your content creation game by subscribing to our exclusive resources. Get access to invaluable insights and techniques that will help you craft content that stands out and drives results. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to level up your SEO game and make a lasting impact. Sign up today at and let the magic begin!

Finding the right tone and style is essential for captivating your audience, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. With ChatGPT, you can now easily match the tone and style of existing content or even celebrity personalities to infuse your writing with a specific vibe. Simply provide ChatGPT with the content you want to emulate, and it will reveal the tone and style for you. Take it a step further by asking ChatGPT to rewrite your content with the same tone and style, breathing new life into your words. So why wait? Embrace this powerful tool and let it transform your writing into a dynamic force. For more exciting ChatGPT prompts and an abundance of resources, including exclusive insights and techniques, be sure to subscribe at Your journey to captivating content starts now!

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Timothy Jennings

Tim is Soulheart's resident SEO expert as well as our Chief Happiness Officer. He has been doing Search Engine Optimization for almost a decade. He loves the competition aspect of SEO and is always staying on top of the latest trends. He's passionate about helping organizations grow by improving their chances of being found by their target audience.
Picture of Timothy Jennings
Post by

Timothy Jennings

Tim is Soulheart's resident SEO expert as well as our Chief Happiness Officer. He has been doing Search Engine Optimization for almost a decade. He loves the competition aspect of SEO and is always staying on top of the latest trends. He's passionate about helping organizations grow by improving their chances of being found by their target audience.

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