Quick Google Hacks for Finding Keywords

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Begin search engine optimization with keywords

If you want to get your content on the top pages of search engines, starting with the right keywords is a must.

Soulheart SEO expert Tim Jennings shows us two quick hacks you can use on Google to find popular keywords for your content.

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Hey guys, Tim here with Soulheart, ready with another SEO tip for you when dealing with search engine optimization. So let’s say that you own a lawn care business, and you want to drive more traffic to your website. Well, one way to do that is to create better content or create more content. so an idea for that is go to google.com, and let’s say you want to type in your main keywords which would be lawn maintenance. If you notice here now, you’ll see a bunch of different ideas popping up for you to write your content about. Let’s say you actually want to select lawn maintenance as well. Another great way is to scroll down to the bottom of the page you and you’ll see searches related to lawn maintenance. Here are some valuable long tail keywords for you to use in order to drive people to your website. I hope that helps. Have a great day!

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Timothy Jennings

Timothy Jennings

Timothy Jennings
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Timothy Jennings

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