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Why do you need keyword research tools?

You’ve probably heard that if you want effective marketing, you need to crank out tons of content. But what kind of content should you produce? Whether it’s a blog post, YouTube video, a Facebook ad, or other marketing collateral, you want to reach people who will become paying customers. That’s where keyword research tools come in!

In today’s episode of Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks, Tim discusses his top three keyword research tools. One is free, one has a free option, and one has a monthly fee.

Please note that I currently have no affiliation with any of the tools other than I love to use them. —Tim Jennings

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Hey everyone, my name is Tim Jennings and I’m the VP of People and Technology at Soulheart. We’re a digital marketing agency that works with clients that are making a positive impact on the world. One of my passions is search engine optimization, and that’s why I created this podcast. I wanted to help people, whether you’re a business owner diving into SEO for the very first time, or if you’re a manager of a marketing department, my goal is to simply help you expand the reach of your marketing efforts.

In today’s podcast, I want to discuss the three keyword research tools that I use to find the search terms that users are searching for in order to find my content. There are a lot of tools out there that you can use, but these are my top three.

The first keyword research tool that I like to use is a free option. Google’s Keyword Planner is a powerful tool that can not only give you an idea of how many times those keywords are searched each month, but also can show you the trends of the keywords. You can visibly see if keywords perform better during certain months, and when those keywords are on the rise or when they’re starting to dip. Then, you can use that information to make informed decisions on what type of content to produce and when to produce it.

The second keyword tool that I use has a limited free option but if you use it often, you’ll have to upgrade your account. That tool is called Answer the Public. Answer the Public is a great tool that will take your keywords and show you a breakdown of the questions that people are asking concerning that keyword. When you know what question searchers are asking, you can provide detailed content to satisfy those searchers. Then you take those questions and build your content whether text, video, infographics, etc. This is a great tool because as search engine algorithms continue to improve, they’re looking to reward websites that provide information that fulfills the searchers’ intent.

And finally, the third tool that I like to use for keyword research is Semrush. Semrush will require a subscription, especially for their more advanced tools, but it has some functionality that I absolutely love. With Semrush, you not only get monthly keyword projections but you can also run a “content gap analysis” and see what your competitors are producing successfully that you aren’t. When you know what you’re missing, it allows you to build a robust content strategy to help you dominate the search engine result pages.

So there you have it: the three keyword research tools that I use every week. I hope this information gives you a jumpstart on your SEO campaigns. But if this sounds like pulling teeth, or you just don’t have the time to properly run an SEO campaign, you can just as easily trust an expert. This is what I LOVE to do and have been doing it for many years now. I know the ins and outs and I love to live in this life everyday.

If you’re looking to hand off your SEO efforts so you can do what you do best, I’m always open to talk. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can email me at or you can checkout our website,

Here’s to dominating the search engine results! Have a great week.

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It’s time to jump off the hamster wheel of content creation that gets you nowhere. Use these three keyword research tools to target keywords that will bring more traffic and sales!

And if you’re looking for expert SEO support, we’ve got a powerful web and SEO audit that can point you in the right direction. 

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Post by

Timothy Jennings

Timothy Jennings

Tim is Soulheart's resident SEO expert as well as the Development Manager and Chief Happiness Officer. He's passionate about helping organizations grow by improving their chances of being found by their target audience.
Timothy Jennings
Post by

Timothy Jennings

Tim is Soulheart's resident SEO expert as well as the Development Manager and Chief Happiness Officer. He's passionate about helping organizations grow by improving their chances of being found by their target audience.

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