When Apple released its IOS updates containing ad-blocking, it severely impacted the ad industry. While data privacy and protection are crucial aspects that need to be monitored for the safety of the public, it also affected businesses of all sizes that were trying to reach their audiences.
Before the newer IOS updates your ad campaigns were able to perform properly. Ad accounts are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is powered by data. When you would run an ad campaign the ad account would be able to receive the data back from the actions your customers were taking. That data would power the AI system behind your ads to help them optimize towards what would be results.
The IOS updates come into affect when your customers take an action that redirects them off the ad and onto a URL. Due to the broken connection between your ad and your customers’ actions on your website, the ad account fails to retrieve data. As a result, the ad account is left with the belief that the ad campaigns are not producing any results. The lack of data retrieval will cause an increase in cost per results, lower conversions and more expensive ad campaigns. 


 Hyros is a digital ad-tracking and advertising optimization software platform leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize your advertising efforts.

Hyros speciality tracking allows for ad campaigns to track the performance even with customers that have the newest IOS updates. Hyros is third-party software company that restores the broken connection between your ad campaigns and their results. Hyros told Soulheart’s ad team that when a company spends $10K a month on advertising, 60% of their ad spend will be lost due to tracking issues.

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Hyros helps your ad campaigns with the following: 

  • Ensures tracking efficiency so your ad campaigns can work properly. 
  • Powers your ad account with accurate artificial intelligence which means your ad campaigns can optimize. 
  • Restores reporting and tracking issues that IOS has created. 

In summary, with Hyros you will get lower cost per results, higher conversions and a larger ROI and ROAS. 


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