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One of the first places most of us turn to with a problem we want solved is Google. So, as a business, one of your main goals is to show up in search results! There are lots of factors involved in improving how people find you online, but one of the most important is local SEO. Let’s talk through why local SEO services are crucial for improving searchability and how they will ultimately help grow your business.

What is Local SEO, and Why Is It Important?Search results for local restaurants

It’s Saturday night. You and some friends want Mexican food, but you’re not sure what’s around. You pull up Google on your phone, type in “Mexican restaurants near me,” and voila! Google shows you ten Mexican restaurants in your area, their ratings, hours, menus, and more. This is the power of local SEO, and it’s incredibly effective for any type of business, not just those that operate out of a specific address.

No matter what product or service you offer, local SEO helps you target people in specific geographical areas who are searching for a business like yours. Getting your business optimized for local SEO will ensure that you show up as one of the local solutions that your ideal potential customers are already looking for.

How to Improve Your Local Searchability

How do you improve your local searchability so potential customers find you right away? The two main areas we recommend focusing on to get to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) are optimizing on Google and optimizing your website.

Optimizing on Google

Of the different search engines out there, Google is the titan who owns 92% of the global search engine market. If you want to be found by local searchers, you need to start ranking better on Google.

1. Google My Business

The best place to start with optimizing for Google’s local SEO is Google My Business (GMB). This free tool lets you manage the information that local searchers see, like your hours of operation, address, customer ratings, and more. GMB optimizes your first impression, which can help you quickly turn Google searchers into paying customers.

Search results for Denver area Whole Foods
A Google My Business profile lets searchers see your address, hours, business description, ratings, website, and more.

Here are some tips to optimize your business profile on Google:

  • Start by claiming your business profile.
  • Include all the information someone needs in order to do business with you.
    • Address (or the local area that you serve)
    • Accurate operating hours
    • Contact information
    • A link to your website
    • The business category you want to be found in
  • Verify your profile to prove to Google that you own the business you’re claiming.
  • Use keywords that you want to rank for in your business description.
  • Respond to customer questions and reviews on your GMB profile.

Soulheart Google My Business ServiceThat might sound like a lot of work, and it can take some time if you want to make sure it’s set up correctly for the results you want. Soulheart offers a Google My Business optimization service that takes the guesswork out of setting up your profile, verifying your business, and optimizing your account. Learn more about this local SEO service so you can have a high-performing GMB profile.

2. Search Directory Listing

Google isn’t the only place you want to be found. When someone searches online for your product or service, a search engine may guide them to a directory website with links to relevant businesses. If your information is incorrect or not available on these websites, you’re missing out on a huge pool of potential customers!

Soulheart Search Directory Listing ServiceIt can be daunting to make sure your website and information is showing up where it should, but it’s a crucial piece of improving your searchability. To help with this, Soulheart offers a Search Directory Listing Service that gets your website found on up to 89 directory websites, ensuring that you’ll be found by the people who already want to do business with you.

Optimize your website

All your hard work to get your website found on Google and search directories is great, but it won’t be effective unless your website itself is local SEO optimized, too. To optimize your website, we recommend using the right keywords to get found in local search results and optimizing your website for mobile rendering.

1. Use area specific keywords

Keywords are the official language of SEO, telling search engines which websites to include in someone’s search results. As you build your website, one of your top priorities should be strategically including keywords you want to be found for. What would someone type into Google in order to find a business like yours?

To make your keyword strategy effective for local SEO, you’ll want to use keywords that relate to the area you want to get business in. For example, if you’re a copywriter who wants more clients in Seattle, you would use keywords like “Seattle copywriter” or “copywriting services in Seattle” throughout your website. Google will see these keywords and mark your site as relevant for potential clients when they search for you.

To learn more we would suggest reading our blog about finding the right keywords to get your website found on search engines.

2. Optimize for mobile rendering

With almost 60 percent of online searches being done through a mobile device, it’s crucial that your website has a great mobile experience for tablet and smartphone users. Potential customers want a solution to their problem, but if navigating your website is frustrating and confusing, they won’t see you as the solution they need.

When designing your website, watch out for potential mobile rendering problems with site navigation, text size, and the design formatting. You want to make it as easy as possible for those who find you to become paying customers, so don’t let a bad mobile experience turn them away.

Get Local SEO Services That Help Your Business Grow

There’s no question that local SEO is important to any successful marketing and SEO strategy. With helpful tools like Google My Business, you can make your website easily findable by local searchers, which means more potential business for you!

There are a lot of pieces to the local SEO puzzle that take time and research to get right, though. If you want some help from a team who can take the hassle of local SEO off your plate, Soulheart has multiple services to get you started.

  1. Web & SEO Audit: Our team will produce an in-depth look at your website to show you the areas where you’re succeeding or that need improvement. 
  2. Google My Business Setup & Optimization: Google My Business (GMB) is the single most important tool for local businesses, but managing it can be a struggle. Get rid of the guesswork and let us help set everything up for your business.
  3. Search Directory Listing Service: We’ll help ensure that your website is listed on all relevant directory websites, and that your information is correct and ready to be found by your target audience.

Soulheart is here to help your business reach its full potential and make an impact on the world. Take advantage of our local SEO services or schedule a free consultation with a Soulheart strategist so we can get to know your business more!

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Picture of Madison Lewis

Madison Lewis

As a writer and Soulheart Content Manager, Madison loves helping others communicate their passions to the world with clarity and excellence. She’s a Colorado native who spends her free time hiking in the Rocky Mountains and frequenting coffee shops in every corner of Denver.
Picture of Madison Lewis
Post by

Madison Lewis

As a writer and Soulheart Content Manager, Madison loves helping others communicate their passions to the world with clarity and excellence. She’s a Colorado native who spends her free time hiking in the Rocky Mountains and frequenting coffee shops in every corner of Denver.

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