How Overhauling Your Website Brings Business Growth

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Your website is key to your business success

But is your website DRAINING YOUR REVENUE instead of GROWING PROFIT?

Your website might be doing more harm than good for your business, but we can help you fix it!

Today, our project management expert Karlyn shares about the benefits of auditing and overhauling your website.

Our clients have seen huge success after our website overhauls. At Soulheart, we take clients through a three step process to revamp and improve their websites.

3 steps of a website overhaul:

1. Content audit
2. Build new website architecture
3. Build and launch the site

If you want to maximize your website’s performance, speed, and ultimately grow your business’s bottom line, get Soulheart’s Web & SEO audit today.

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Your website is a first impression of your business, but oftentimes websites drain money. instead of making revenue. Did you know what 39% of people simply leave a website if images take too long to load? At Soulheart, we locked down a process to overhaul out clients websites to ultimately help your business be more successful. With our website overhaul process, we deliver a website that’s fasters and all custom with a new look and feel for a better user experience. We include seo , lead generation forms and strategic calls to actions so your customers can get quickly connected to your businesses’ products and services. We do the website overhaul in three easy steps: we do a content audit, a new site architecture, and then we build and launch your website. Through this process, we work alongside you, our client, to ensure we’re delivering up to your expectations. Book a call or purchase a web & SEO audit if you’d like us to do an audit of your website today. 

Website Overhaul FAQs

A website overhaul is a website redesign that is updated to be more effective to meet the business’s goals. It starts with a new functional design and often contains lead generation and other conversion elements.

There are 3 major sites that go into a website overhaul:

  1. A content audit of the current site
  2. A build out of the new website architecture
  3. Building the new site and launching the website

Your website is the first impression of your business. Therefore it is important to get it right if you want to convert visitors to customers. 

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Karlyn Tejada Brolsma

Karlyn Tejada Brolsma

Karlyn Tejada Brolsma
Post by

Karlyn Tejada Brolsma

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