Olivia Davis

Create a Cohesive Narrative

In our 9 Practical Business Marketing Tips You Can Apply Today series, we’re giving you one quality marketing tip every day for two weeks and showing you how to apply it step-by-step. Today, we’ll talk about tip #1, creating a cohesive narrative. What is a cohesive narrative? When something is cohesive, it means that all

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An image of a lock representing the need for wordpress website security.
Timothy Jennings

What Steps You Should Take To Ensure Your WordPress Website Is Secure

Website Security: an often overlooked factor when considering your new website. It is vitally important though! A compromised, or hacked, website can bring utter terror to your business, organization, or nonprofit. This article will give you a detailed game plan on how to avoid website hacks and what steps you should take to ensure your

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Soulheart Launches D2S site for Spanish Speakers

Dare2Share is known for their Gospel-advancing message and the encouragement they provide to students to be bold in their faith. Recently, our team had the opportunity to help launch the Spanish version of this vision, Habla de Cristo (He speaks of Christ). Check out the stories that inspire Spanish speakers to share their message of

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Soulheart Habla Español

Our team has partnered with Dare2Share on multiple projects over the past years, so when Dare2Share proposed an idea about Spanish websites in order to share the gospel, we were happy to jump on board! With the web, lingual boundaries are a thing of the past! Vida en 6 Palabras (Life in 6 Words) focuses

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Joshua Brown

Why UI/UX is ruling the world

Designing and developing anything of consequence is incredibly challenging. – Jonny Ive The great paradigm of design is that it involves a variety of disciplines which are ever-changing based on the task you want to accomplish. In the digital world, we have typically broken these disciplines into two categories: user interface (UI) and user experience

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