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YMCA Houston Case Study

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Case Overview

This client needed X to grow their business, and they needed a team with expertise in X area to help them get there.

Client had an amazing vision for X. They knew their product/service was good and there was plenty of market opportunity, but after X months of seeing little to no growth, they sought out experts. Here’s why they reached out to Soulheart and what they wanted to see in the end.

What Happened?

the story

Client had some significant issues with X, Y, and Z. Here’s a breakdown of what they needed.


Identifying the problems was just half the battle. The next part was to help them identify their goals and where they wanted to end up.


Helping this client accomplish X seemed straightforward enough, but there were a lot of logistics to figure one. The main challenge was that their SEO had tanked from a previous website update, and they needed new direction on getting the traffic and conversions they needed to stay afloat. Here were a few other challenges:

How We Did It

The Services

Since we needed to tackle these problems from multiple angles, we decided to break down their project into three phases.

Phase 1
Website Overhaul

The client needed a new website that clarified what they offered, was supported by striking visuals, and showcased the company’s personality. This phase consisted of:

  • UX/UI work including developing a new sitemap for optimized navigation
  • Revamping their one-liner and homepage copy
  • Keeping track of all their old URLs and repurposing or redirecting them onto the new site
Phase 2
SEO Optimization

Because this client was struggling with being found on search engines, we knew we had to focus on making their site and product as findable as possible.

  • We conducted keyword research and competitor analysis to know which keywords to use throughout their site
  • We cleaned up or deleted old website pages that had no SEO value
  • Made sure their website was included on several search directories
Phase 3
Ads Campaigns

Our last phase focused on ads campaigns. This client decided to invest in both Google and Facebook Ads, and here’s how we ran them.

  • We wrote variations of sales copy that would resonate with their target audience
  • We strategically targeted an audience who would be most likely to convert

How It Stacks Up

The Results

X months after the client hired us, the Soulheart team pulled the analytics and saw major improvements!

Website visits

Website traffic was up X%

Gtmetrix score

GTMETRIX score improved from a D to a B


Sales increased by X%, with X% of customers coming in from the ads campaigns

Where Are They Now?


It’s been X years since this client hired us and their business just keeps getting better and better. They are now at the top of X and are doing $XM in sales after starting out at only $X annually.


This was a classic case of a client knowing they needed to improve and taking the initiative to get expert help. Soulheart’s marketing expertise was the jumpstart they needed to run an incredible business while we supported them to get them the exposure they deserved.

Quote from the client CEO about how Soulheart solved their problems and the team was amazing to work with.”

John Doe

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