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Image of a computer in a dark room with binary code on the screen representing the Google Spam Update to their algorithm.
Timothy Jennings
October 2023 Google Spam Update [Explained]

Following the August 2023 core update and September’s Helpful Content update, we’re now in the midst of Google’s October Spam algorithm update. These algorithm updates are pivotal in ensuring user satisfaction by adapting to evolving user behavior, combating spam, harnessing new technologies, and maintaining relevance.

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An image of a phone displaying the YouTube icon representing Soulheart's blog titled YouTube Ads 101.
Paid Advertising
Claudia Macdonald
YouTube Ads 101

With 2+ billion monthly users, YouTube ads offer a powerful platform for effective business promotion!

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An image of a person watching YouTube on his phone representing Soulheart's blog titled Mastering YouTube Strategy.
Content Strategy
Claudia Macdonald
Mastering YouTube Strategy

YouTube strategy has quickly become a key role in digital marketing. Learn how you can create and optimize YouTube content to drive results!

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