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“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” – Walt Disney

Have you ever had the privilege of visiting Walt Disney World? If so, what is the first thing that comes to mind based on your memories? For me, the first thing that I remember is the hotel room that my family and I stayed in. We stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. My son was three years old at the time and he was in kid heaven!! I’m telling you, every detail of that room made us think we were on a pirate ship! As soon as I walked through the door I noticed the barrels in the room. About the same time, my son was already jumping up and down on the bed! But this wasn’t just any bed. A closer look revealed it was a replica of a pirate ship! The headboard was intricately constructed with a mast and ship’s wheel, and the entire frame looked just like a boat! And that was just the hotel room!

I still remember to this day the extraordinary attention to detail that Disney had at their Magical Kingdom. How does that make me feel as a customer? It makes me feel that Disney cares a lot about their customer’s experience. They care so much about them that they will go above and beyond to make sure that they have an amazing experience unlike any other!

So how can you compare this to what you do in your work and life? What it comes down to is that there is ALWAYS a detail that we can pay more attention to for the sake of others, be it a customer, coworker, spouse, etc. And that’s the fun of it all! What would life be without new discoveries? How boring would life be without exciting new facts that you never knew about before? Attention to detail can take a mediocre or good website and make it GREAT or EXTRAORDINARY! It can breathe new life into just about ANY product, new or old. It can also generate repeat customers and new revenue because they know that you CARE about them enough to go the extra mile.

Walt Disney dreamed of making a world that his own children found magical before he even thought of making one for others. We would be wise to learn from such a brilliant innovator and apply it to our own work, whatever that may be. In the end, paying attention to detail is doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. And after that, it means going another mile to give them an experience that they will always remember with amazement and wonder!

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